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Carl Wyatt grew up in Ireland and had been raised in a home of blues, jazz, gospel and rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts! At a very young age he already knew that music would be his prime goal in life! When he decided to make the guitar his main instrument, blues just seemed to be second nature to him.

Until the late ‘80s he played predominantly acoustic blues but switched over to electric guitar when he was asked to go on the road with a blues / rhythm & blues band! By 1995 he decided to start a band under his own name, which is still alive and kicking! Since long it is a well-established band on the international blues scene!

Even though his main influences are artists such as Freddie King, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, Carl developed his own style over the years. His love for delta blues stayed with him and had a big impact on his current guitar style! His live performances and studio recordings are a powerful blend of Texas, Chicago and Delta Blues mixed up with his own flavor.

By the mid ‘90s, after a tour on the American east coast, Carl had the chance of a lifetime by being invited to visit and stay with the godfather of the Boogie "John Lee Hooker" who was very fond of his slide playing! Carl has been friends with the Hooker family ever since and is still in close contact with them! This is maybe also due to the fact that John Lee Hooker’s nephew Archie Lee Hooker had been Carl’s fifth band member “on and off” for over 20 years!

During his career Carl also played, recorded and toured with artists such as "Big Bo McGee", "Little Whitt Wells", “Neal Black & The Healers”, "T.W. Henderson", "Sharon Lewis", "Tino Gonzales", "Archie Lee Hooker", "Silky Sol" and many more!

He also played with “Randy Hansen”, “Willie Nile”, "Watermelon Slim", "Noel Redding" (Jimmy Hendrix Band), "The Drifters” (Backing Band), "Lisa Otey", and many more.. He opened up for artists such as “Johnny Winter”, “Popa Chubby”, “The Animals” etc etc…

Carl has released ten CDs and one DVD under his own name and had been playing on various albums of other artists.. With his current band The Delta Voodoo Kings, which was formed over 10 years ago, he recently recorded his eleventh album entitled “Doing The Boogaloo” which had been released on DeVille Records.

Carl's many concert and festival performances have led him through countries such as England, Belgium, Holland, USA, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, France, Northern-Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Greece and Switzerland and there is no end in sight!

Currently Carl resides happily in France!

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